Document Type : Research Paper



In this paper, using the approach of emic or orientation from the inside, have paid to analyze the understanding of scientific community actors from accreditation model of system higher education of country. research based on grounded theory, constitute the methodology of this study. according to the method, we have always sought to take on meaning, vision and mental mechanisms of higher education actors. the data of this study were obtained from four sources, which include, interviews, observations, notes and documents. to do so, first open coding, then, are we axial and selective action. having analyzed the data obtained in the first phase coding, in 2027 the concept was achieved. second stage of open data coding, In format of 1262 concept and 156 major categories were classified. in axial coding stage, 25 core categories were determined. in selective coding stage, again 25 core category to a higher level of abstraction we have upgrade and classified in terms of characteristics of conditions, interactive / process and outcome. in the end, category of quality discourse, fear and hope, as the most original and the most ultimate core category Select and according to its features were developed. then, related made other categories in the form of a paradigm model with the this category.