Document Type : Research Paper


1 education

2 Department of Educational Sciences. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Kurdistan University. Sanandaj. Iran


The goals of this qualitative research are the experiences of school managers and educational leaders from interacting with incompetent teachers, reflecting the experiences of school community members from employing ineffective teachers and understanding how these teachers deal with members of the school community. Qualitative data were analyzed with purposeful sampling and the Grounded theory strategy in a systematic way through interviews with 46 participants who were members of the school community of Sanandaj city,collected during 5 months in three stages of theoretical coding. 211open codes, 60 axial and 17 selective codes were counted and a final model was extracted with MAXQDA 2020. Contributors demonstrate the livelihood and cultural issues of teachers and the politicization of education as the existing fields of recruiting unqualified teachers,defects in recruitment practices and defective bureaucracy in the education system for the reasons for hiring these teachers,supporting professional development,helping to promote job satisfaction and the implementation of punitive measures as solutions to interact with these teachers and the triple skills of managers have been mentioned as effective factors involved in their leadership.Presenting the results in two dimensions, positive and negative, with the final civility of this process, is one of the innovations of this research. Based on the results, very few of these teachers changed and the academic performance has been achieved; But many of these teachers are not transformed and neglecting the psychosocial aspects of students, they have left a weakness in establishing human relations, unprofessionalism and an undesirable educational restitution in their career field.