Development of conditional factors as to native model accreditation for Iran's higher education system (based on of grounded theory)

Document Type : Research Paper



In this paper based on the grounded theory, from the perspective of higher education actors we paid to recognized of conditional factors, criteria and indicators (causal, contextual and intermediary ) accreditation. this study, by adopting social interpretivism, emphasize that people outside the university, Can not be known beforehand components of accreditation and understand it. Because, the actors in higher education are that your scientific community environment create and interpret it as they want. accordingly, Any assumption about the accreditation system, can not express the mind and understanding academic community actors. in other words, in this research we have been looking for that actors higher education how to see conditional factors, criteria and indicators (causal, contextual and intermediary ) accreditation And what had interpretation and understanding of it. the data of this study were obtained from four sources, which include, interviews, observations, notes and documents. therefore, data obtained from interviews, observations, notes and documents were converted into text data. after that, in order to categorize the great mass of the collected data, paid to categorization of data. we act first, open coding, then, axial and selective coding. On this basis, in 691 the indicator, 98 criteria and 11 factor were determined in accordance with native features of Iran's higher education system.